“We (Helena’s guides) want you to complete [this] soon so you can go out into the world and light it up with a blaze of love. We want you to open new cosmic portals that have not yet been opened and need to urgently be opened to let in vital information, for the century to reach its full potential.

Please read the manual first before attempting to open the portals, even for those of you experienced. It is important to us that you do, so you can maximise the impact you have, and the light you bring to the portal. These must be opened soon so waste no time. And when you have opened a portal please let us know through the comment area at the bottom of this page. where you can send us a photo and record your experiences.

You are the Now and the Future. You are Golden, you are Amazing Beings each one of you. Light up the world with Us behind you.”

Help open the portals of the world. Those opened are marked, the others are listed below.


What are the Cosmic Portals?

There are 99 major cosmic portals in the Earth, if these are opened then divine energy and information can flow through them in huge amounts – enough to raise the world onto a higher trajectory.

open door

The opening of portals will also allow negative energy trapped in the Earth’s aura to leave, further raising the vibrations. Trapped souls, stuck in the in-between world between life and the afterlife can also easily move on through the portals if requested by the opener of the portal.
The grid coordinates of these portals are provided to the right.

How to Open a Portal

To open a portal a light-worker has to be physically beneath the portal unless they have mastered the powers of their lightbodies.
They must then request the celestial kingdom that the portal be cleansed and opened.

Always the Source Energy or the Mahatma energy will be needed to open a portal. The Lightworker must allow the energy to flow through their body and aura into the Earth.
The first portal was opened in Egypt on the 11th day of the 11th month, 2011. Between 40-50 must be cleansed and opened for the Earth to be on track for Ascension.

The significance of 11/11/11

11/11/11 was a significant time because humans decided it should be significant. 11/11/11 at 11am signaled the time in this era for the opening of the first cosmic portal on Earth.

open door

This was the great portal at the Luxor temple in Egypt. This great cosmic portal had lain dormant for 100,000 years. It was opened by the Channel and the Principle of the Angel Connection School and many held the light from the Angel Connection School and Diana Cooper School.


List of Portals


No. PLACE/COUNTRY, Location for Light-work1

1. Kabul Afghanistan, Anywhere in the city

2. Andorra Andorra, Anywhere in the state

3. South Pole Antarctic, Anywhere in the Antarctic

4. North Pole Arctic, Anywhere in the Arctic

5. Eyres Rock, Uluru Australia, Around or on rock, portal is above rock

6. Mingary Australia (South) 32.09S 140.46E

7. Carpina Brazil 7.50S 35.15W

8. Mato Grosso, Chapada de (hills) Brazil, Anywhere in the state

9. Montes Claros Brazil 16.45S 43.52W

10. Varginha Brazil 21.33S 45.25W

11. Meeting Creek, Banff, Alberta Canada 52.40N 112.42W

12. Helena, New York Canada, Great Lakes 44.56N 74.43W

13. Ansi China 40.53N 122.45E

14. Wuhan, Hubei China 30.35N 114.19E

15. Barranquilla Atlantico Colombia 11.10N 74.50W

16. Umangi Democratic Republic of Congo 2.05N 21.27E

17. The Sphinx, Egypt, Around base of Sphinx

18. The Giza Pyramid Egypt, Around base of pyramid or within

19. Luxor Temple Egypt, Within grounds

20. Reid Abdair Ethiopia 7.22N 44.32E

21. Lautoka Fiji, Anywhere in the Fijian archipelago

22. Montague de Aigoual France 44.08N 3.35E

23. St Fargeau France 47.38N 3.04E

24. St Gaultier France 46.38N 1.26E

25. Saint-Merd-la-Breuille France 45.44N 2.26E

26. Saale Talsperre, Bleilochsperre Germany 50.29N 11.43E

27. St Claude Guadaloupe W.I 16.02N 61.42W

28. Guatemala/Honduras Guatemala, Along the border

29. Honolulu Hawaii, Anywhere in the city

30. Adegaon India 22.37N 79.32E

31. Saran, Bihar India 24.29N 86.19E

32. Hyderabad India, Anywhere in the city

33. The Ganges (Source) India, Anywhere at the headwaters

34. Varanasi India, Anywhere in the city

35. Taj Mahal, Agra India, In front of the Taj Mahal (portal directly above highest point of the Taj)

36. Aliambata Indonesia 8.48S 126.34E

37. Tokamachi Japan 37.08N 138.44E

38. Tsuruoka Japan 38.42N 139.50E

39. Nura Kazakhstan 48.32N 74.01E

40. Yangibazar Kyrgyzstan 41.38N 70.54E

41. Bamako Mali, Above the great mosque

42. Mongolia Mongolia, Anywhere in the country

43. Gobi Desert Mongolia, Anywhere in the Gobi desert

44. Porirua East New Zealand 41.08S 174.53E

45. Altafjord inet Norway 70.10N 23.00E

46. Bermuda Triangle Pacific Ocean, Attempt only with light-body, not physically

47. Lago Titicaca Peru, Anywhere on the lake

48. Machu Picchu Peru, Within the Temple of the sun

49. Manila Philippines, Anywhere in the city

50. Faddeya, Mys Russia 62.40N 179.43E

51. Agata Russia 66.56N 93.30E

52. Omsk Russia, Anywhere in Omsk

53. Gora Chen Russia, Anywhere on or at the base of the mountain 65.25N 141.45E (portal directly above)

List of Portals Continued

54. Opala Russia 51.58N 156.30E

55. Tshohoha Nord L Rwanda, Anywhere in Rwanda

56. Al Fayd Saudi Arabia 18.01 N 43.42E

57. Mecca Saudi Arabia

58. Yaaqle Somalia 2.26N 45.25E

59. Knysna Forest South Africa, Anywhere within forest

60. Wonderboom South Africa, Anywhere in the town

61. Lion’s Head, Cape Town South Africa, On the summit

62. Alconchel Spain 38.31.N 7.04W

63. Pissevache Switzerland 46.08N 7.00E

64. Chon Buri Thailand 13.24N 100.59E

65. Ankor Wat Thailand Within grounds

66. Potala Palace, Lassa, Dalai Lama’s residence before Tibet Close to the Potala Palace (portal is directly above the exile palace)

67. Gundogdu, Rize Turkey 41.03N 40.38E

68. Stone Henge United Kingdom Close to the circle, portal is directly above

69. Bathpool, Cornwall United Kingdom From the bridge or beside the river

70. City of London United Kingdom Within the old city walls marked by Aldgate, Bishops
Gate, Ludgate and Moorgate

71. York United Kingdom By the cathedral

72. Ramapo Mts, New York, New Jersey USA Anywhere along mountain range

73. Rock Island, Illinois USA 41.30N 90.34W

74. Alaska USA Anywhere in the state

75. Sedona, Arizona USA 34.53N 111.45W

76. Ribat Yemen 14.22N 44.30E


No. PLACE/COUNTRY Location for Light-work

77. Sea off coast of Marseilles, France Mediterranean Sea From the shoreline

78. Atlantis Atlantic Ocean 31 15’15.53N, 24 15’30.53W

79. Sea off West Coast of Canada North Pacific Ocean 55N 31.39W

80. Sea off East Coast of New Zealand South Pacific Ocean 45S 165W

81. Sea off East Coast of Mexico Gulf of Mexico 23.36N 91.60W

82. Sea of UK North Sea 54.34N 11.50E

83. Sea near Jan Mayen island, Norway North Atlantic Ocean 71.30N 9.00E

84. Sea off Australia Coral Sea 17.40S 153E

85. Sea off Antarctica Southern Ocean 63S 172.36E


Equatorial zone Identify visual image of the constellation. Undertake
light-work at night. Direct healing energy towards the
sky/location of the constellation. Light-worker can be located anywhere on Earth to open/energise stellar portals, but intention upon specific portal must be clear.

86. Canis Minor, Procyon

87. Pegasus Equatorial zone

88. Zubenelgenubi, Libra Equatorial zone

89. Leo Minor Equatorial zone

90. South Galactic Pole, Sculptor Southern sky

91. Pictor Southern sky

92. Virgo Southern sky

93. Draco Northern sky

94. Bootes Northern sky

95. Ophiuchus Equatorial zone/northern sky

96. Cepheus Northern sky

97. Equuleus Northern sky

98. Pisces Northern sky

99. Perseus Northern sky

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