Affirmation – a spoken, written or thought statement of intent.

Angel – beings of pure love, messengers of Source (God), without free will. They pursue God’s will, always for the good of the Universe. They have rarely incarnated in human form.

Archangel – senior angels, they lead thousands of angels.

Ascended Masters – evolved humans who have reached the seventh dimension. They always retain some Ego and have free will, even in the seventh dimension. They possess pure love and are committed to the good of the world and the Universe.

Ascension – enlightenment; when a human evolves to the level of at least a junior Ascended Master (sixth dimension) and is not required to reincarnate on Earth again.

Aura – the energetic field around the physical body.

Celestial being – beings who reside in the seventh dimension and work closely with Source.

Chakras – energy centres within the body and aura.

Christ Consciousness Energy – the energy of pure love that Jesus brought to Earth.

Dimensions – a term used to denote the stages through which a human passes to reach Ascension.

Gateways – entry and exit points for moving through the Earth’s aura at great distances and speeds.

God-spark – the pure essence of God that runs through every living creature.

Golden Age – where all on the planet share in peace, prosperity, freedom and health and live in harmony with nature and the animal kingdom. All humans in the Golden Age will be in at least the fifth dimension.

Golden Silver Violet Flame – a powerful celestial energy that turns all negativity to positivity.

Great cosmic portals – energy doorways in the Earth’s aura that must be opened to allow an abundance of Divine energy and information.

Great Divine Director – Chair of the Karmic Panel, who holds the blueprint of all human Souls.

Grounding – the ritual of imagining a connection to the core of the Earth.

I AM – the ‘I AM’ prefix to a statement, e.g. ‘I AM healed’, is a human’s identification with this highest part within themselves. Saying the ‘I AM’, brings them closer to this state of being.

Karma – the balance of good deeds and bad deeds.

Karmic Panel – the panel that assesses the balance of good and bad deeds after a human’s death.

Levitation – the ability to lift and hold oneself away from the Earth.

Light-Worker – a person dedicated to serving the greatest good of the planet, and actively using their energies and powers to heal the world.

Light-Body – the energetic part of a human, as opposed to the physical body; the aura.

Lords of Karma – celestial beings on the Karmic Panel who assess a Soul’s karma at the end of each life. They are seventh-dimensional beings of pure love.

Mahatma Energy – a powerful celestial energy that Mahatma Ghandi brought to Earth. It has many qualities, including healing toxins and disease and increasing the pace of spiritual growth, if used for the benefit of the user and Earth.

Meditation – an exercise where a human seeks to relax and clear the mind.

Monad – also known as the Soul Group, the Monad comprises 12 Souls. One Soul always remains with Source. The other 11 Souls go into the Universe to experience.

Orb – the energy of celestial beings that can be captured on camera.

Protection – the ritual of asking for celestial protection for the mind, body and spirit – for instance, from Archangel Michael.

Seventh dimension – the level where celestial beings of pure love reside.

Soul – each Soul is comprised of 12 Soul Aspects. One Soul Aspect always remains with the Soul, while the other 11 go out and experience.

Source Energy – Source’s own energy and the most powerful energy ever to be gifted to Earth.

Teleportation – the ability to move from one place to another instantaneously.

Twin Flame – two Souls born of one egg. The twin flame of a person is the other Soul to be born from this egg at the beginning of the Souls’ incarnations. When both Souls have Ascended to the seventh dimension, they will be reunited. Twin flames cannot meet in the physical realm or between lives before they have both Ascended to the seventh dimension. They are the perfect balance of male and female energies – the yin-yang balance.

Veil of Amnesia – the state where humans forget their connection to Source and the celestial kingdom when they incarnate on Earth, and one reason why Earth is a particularly challenging place to incarnate

Vibrations – the frequency of light at which beings vibrate. Source vibrates fastest of all.

Visualisation – an inner journey using pictures, like a film in your mind.