…Before incarnation takes place the soul agrees which lessons they have to learn in that particular lifetime and soul contracts are arranged with the beings around them – especially souls who will be close relatives and friends – to allow them to learn those lessons. If those lessons are not learnt then they will come back in another incarnation and learn them again, and so on and so forth until the vibrations of that person are high enough so they can eventually ascend.

Ascension is where wisdom has been gained, spiritual wisdom embodied by love and light: enlightenment. Previously, Source required souls to reach the seventh dimension before they would ascend from the planet earth. In the seventh dimension great leaders, ascended masters, have set the target for the seventh dimension on the human evolutionary chain. The seventh dimension is the dimension that angels vibrate at and other celestial beings that work directly for Source and with Source. In the seventh dimension beings are pure love, pure love, and it is a magnificent place to exist in. Wonderful masters like Buddha, Jesus, the Prophet Mohammed, Mother Mary, have reached the seventh dimension and work with us closely.

Recently, Source decided that for souls on Earth to ascend they need not reach the seventh dimension but they could join us when they reached the sixth dimension. In the sixth dimension there are still many lessons to learn but souls have made significant progress in terms of loving unconditionally and committing their life in some way to the betterment of the planet. Source did this because Source cares for you so much, because by raising your own vibrations and reaching the sixth dimension you will raise the vibrations of the Earth.