About Helena Mahatey

Author of the channelled book Velocity Ascension, 2015


Helena Mahatey is an experienced international development professional. Trained as an environmental economist, for the past 17 years she has provided advice to governments and designed and managed programmes of activities that improve the welfare of the poorest in the world.

Clairaudient since her teens, she communicates with angels, archangels and ascended masters, and teaches others how to access Higher Guidance.

In 2011 Source began channelling through her, imparting urgent information for 2012 and beyond, which has formed the teachings of Velocity Ascension. She divides her time between South Africa, where she is based with her family, and Cornwall, UK.




The World’s future is in our hands

“Is the world really on the brink of extinction?”

This is the question international development specialist and clairaudient ascension teacher Helena Mahatey asked Source. The answer that came back was that “…it is in the hands of the world and that is why every person needs to act now, and not relax. This is a beautiful Earth that I’ve given you,” Source says, “and I want it looked after far better than humans have been looking after it. That is why I’ve brought Lady Gaia into the Karmic Panel, where souls will be assessed at the end of each of their lives.”

Since 11.11.11 Helena has been given very strong guidance to channel the book of Source, Velocity Ascension, in it Source gives step by step guidance on how each person living can raise their own vibrations and in doing so enable the world to ascend – to bring in the Golden Age, bring heaven to Earth.

In Helena’s own words, “It may seem mind blowing but the world is a mysterious place and when you get such wise, such clear guidance over two decades you learn to trust what is real and what is not. It’s so clear and directive and important that I couldn’t not respond.

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  1. Thiru Naicker  April 14, 2014

    Wonderful to read your Stories Helena! Am so proud of your incredible, strength and resilience!

    Can’t wait to read Velocity Ascension…when will it be available to buy? Will it be available in Durban?

    Love and light to you always.


    • Helena Mahatey  May 7, 2014

      Hi Beautiful Thiru, So great to hear from you! Gosh we’ve had a ride and a half but I know it’s all part of the divine plan and I’m doing my best to learn my lessons. They seem to keep being thrown at me and I’m at risk of drowning sometimes but then the celestial kingdom reminds me just how supported I am. Velocity Ascension will be out by September. It’s being laid up this month and I’ll make sure it’s available in Durban!!! Thanks for your support. Let me know if you’re coming this way I’d love to see you. xxx


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