Visualisation from Lady Gaia

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It is I, Lady Gaia. Feel golden roots growing out of the souls of your feet. I want you to become me. Sink into the Earth, sink more deeply and deeper still. You are merging with the soil beneath your feet, you are becoming the rock that sits beneath the ground you walk on every day. You go deeper still and become the molten lava, it’s intense heat burning and blistering its way, completely painlessly, into your very core, you merge with my core the core of the Earth.

You are the black obsidian crystal that lies at my centre. Both cool and intensely hot at the same time. You become the oceans that cover me, the mountains that rise up from me, the animals and humans, each one of them you merge with, everything that breathes and has a pulse, everything that sways and grows and churns in the air or the sea.

You become the atmosphere that surrounds me, you become the protective ozone layer that encircles me. You become as one with all that is me. You are me You are the Earth. You are Lady Gaia. Love me. Love yourself. Love the Oneness. Protect me, Protect yourself. Heal Me, Heal Yourself. Be at peace.

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