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Visualisation from the Demi-god Atun

It is I Atun. I am a warrior god, a demi god to be precise, half angel half human, not from the consummation of a relationship between these two strands of evolution but because I possess the energies of both. I have experienced both forms, a rare and humbling experience.

I wish you to imagine you are standing in a wide African plateau, the ground beneath your bare feet is hard, unforgiving and hot. The air above you is dry, a deep blue that stretches in all directions to the horizon and to the celestial kingdom above. There is no one before you or behind you, beside you. You are alone in this great magnificent plateau. Be aware of the scent on the air, it is the scent of water. Though you cannot see water, anywhere, you can smell it and taste it faintly on the souls of your feet.

Yes I say taste with your feet because our bodies have many memories that we choose not to remember. One of these is the power of the body to know what lies around them without the use of eyes.

You kneel on the hard ground and with your fingers start digging at the hard earth. Rather than finding it difficult the action is easy and you powerfully lift the earth away until rapidly there is a large pit before you which begins to fill with muddy water.

You dig some more and soon the mud gives way to fine golden sand. You dig some more and finally the pit gives way to soft silver grain and beneath that gold grains, not of sand but of pure gold. You dig some more and soon you are standing waist high in clear sweet smelling water. This is the water of your inner wisdom. If you access this water within you, you will be eternally nourished, your body, your soul, your heart.

You dip your hand into the water and raise it to your lips. It has the taste of nectar. And with every drop you feel revitalised, and wiser, for the body, the mind, the spirit, the heart need each other to reach their potential. Do not cut one off from the other, know all aspects of yourself and nourish all aspects of yourself.

You drink and drink some more, you feel the muscles in your arms and thighs hardening, the blood pushing through your torso and limbs, with vitality. You feel the power coursing through our body.

Soon with a small push down with your feet you launch yourself out of the deep pit of clear water and into the air. You can levitate easily you look down at the desert stretched before you and you see glorious lands stretching into the distance. Forested lands, seas of turquoise, rolling lands, these are all aspects of yourself. Own them, explore them whenever you wish to discover more of your inner power. You are POWER, you are Healed, You are love and beauty for the good of the planet and the universe.

It is I Atun, demi –god and I wish you love, peace, power and happiness for the good of all.

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