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I’m planning a ritual to say thank you to my breasts as I come to the end of six months of expressing breast milk – the nectar of humans!

My son Saafi didn’t latch. Diagnosed at birth with brain damage to the part of his brain that governs the physical movements of his body, speech and concentration, the doctors and nurses told us that full recovery could be aided by a pure diet of breast milk. At Femina Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit in Pretoria mothers were required to express every few hours to maintain ample supply of this brain and body nectar. Many mothers struggled.

I recall sitting in the pump room (the kitchen where we could express breast milk) with a desperate mum who had been sitting up all night trying to pump and getting less than 50ml. The more tired and already stressed she got the less the milk flowed. I was lucky, blessed, with a bountiful supply of milk, enough to feed triplets. So far I’ve filled two freezers and am now on my third, overflow from what Saafi doesn’t drink. I express up to 2litres per day and Saafi drinks only 600ml. I thank Source for this bounty and I thank my breasts continually! It’s hard work…..

When Saafi was born I was expressing every three hours day and night for up to an hour each time – this meant two hours before the next pumping session. When we got Saafi home, to try and get him onto the breast I was told by the lactation consultant to pump 10 times per day. So I was pumping every 2 to 2.5hours. Fortunately I invested in an industrial grade double pump! Every day I praise and send love to my breasts. They’ve been amazing.

It might sound strange to send my breasts love and to talk to them but I discovered a marvellous book Conversations with your Body by Robyn Welch, when I was carrying my first son, Tariq, about six years ago. She had healed herself after serious physical and brain damage through a car accident. Part of her discovery was talking to her body parts.

 As Source says in Velocity Ascension ‘Your body holds all the answers. As humans, you have forgotten that each cell in your body is capable of individual thought and feeling.’ When in labour with Tariq this inner wisdom was affirmed when I asked my cervix how dilated she was, the answer initially was 2cm. A few hours later I asked my cervix again and she answered 8cm. Thirty minutes later an examination by the midwife confirmed I was 8cm dilated.

milkI’ve used this knowledge for the past six years. I ask my body what I should eat, if I need more sleep, if I can heal it or energise it through reiki, affirmations, remedies or medicines. Each body part answers back. It is several years since I’ve had any sickness (touch wood!). This form of prevention is better than getting sick and resorting to the need for a cure. I also send my body love – pure affection and appreciation for what my body does for me everyday.

I haven’t always felt so tender towards my body. And breasts in all their shapes and sizes often get chastised by their owners. About fifteen years ago when I was on a Ka Huna massage training retreat the teacher presented a stark energy experiment. She asked a volunteer to step outside the room. In their absence she told the group that on her first prompt we must think only good thoughts about the volunteer – how clever, beautiful, likeable he was. On the second prompt we must think only negative thoughts – how ugly, smelly, vile, he was.

On the third we must go back to only positive thoughts about them. When he came back into the room the volunteer was told to stand in front of the group and hold out his arm. The teacher then pressed down on it, giving the first prompt. The volunteer’s hand was unbendingly firm. On the second prompt and we sent negative thoughts, the volunteer’s arm immediately slumped. He was confused at why he couldn’t press back. He held up his arm again, the teacher gave her third prompt and with positive thoughts from the group, his arm once again was unbendingly strong.

I imagine how our bodies must feel and respond to continual negative energy in thought forms aimed at them. In Velocity Ascension disease is described as dis-ease. How uncomfortable our bodies must feel if we attack them with our negative thoughts on a daily basis. Source tells us to send positive thoughts, of love, of affection to our bodies and our bodies will respond accordingly.

The celestial kingdom tells us to rejoice in our bodies, love our bodies, the sensations and experiences we explore with them. In the next blog Goddess Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty, gives a beautiful visualisation to help us embrace the beauty of our breasts, and instead of our breasts we can substitute any other body part, men included! When writing this blog I relaxed in meditation and asked if a celestial being would like to give a supporting visualisation, Aphrodite spoke to me. I find Aphrodite an incredibly strong, luscious, sensual and feminine energy, at peace and empowered in her womanhood, loving of herself and others. In Velocity Ascension Source also describes how you can access the energy of such amazing beings as Aphrodite and bring it within you. Read the visualisation through, close your eyes, then just let your mind and Aphrodite do the rest. Enjoy it.





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