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As the preparation of Velocity Ascension for publication is almost complete I’ve reflected on the amazing journey that has brought me to this point, where I am in constant contact with Source and in receipt of the most unwaveringly supportive and insightful guidance from the celestial kingdom. I described in a previous blog that we nearly lost our new born son last year. It was a lesson to me that the journey might not get easier, but I’m more equipped to deal with the slaps as I recognize them for what they are, opportunities for spiritual growth and progress towards ascension.

I love the proverb, Every cloud has a silver lining. When we recognize we are all in the playing ground of Earth to learn our lessons, challenges become conundrums to be solved rather than random events to grind us down. I now face every difficulty with the attitude, what am I meant to learn from this? It’s not easy, it can be really tough, but it’s rewarding when I suddenly in the darkness find a gleaming truth that makes me see afresh that far from a bunch of chaotic coincidences my life is an unfolding puzzle that has both meaning and solution (even if the solution still eludes me!).

I look back on my life and know that the major people and events have not been coincidences but soul contracts and arrangements pre-incarnation to maximize my opportunities for spiritual growth on this planet.

Just as people and events are far from coincidences I believe the books that have fallen across my path, those that have been most instrumental to my spiritual quest, also came at the right time for me to absorb their contents. I want to share my top twelve with you.  They’re of course a handful of a wealth of amazing books out there. You’ll have your own favourites, but these are the ones that have made a real difference to my spiritual journey.

They are in no particular rank order. They are all phenomenal in their own way. They make great gifts for yourself or other loved ones as we stride forward along our own life path and towards our own and the Earth’s ascension.

Number 12

Sara Wiseman’s ‘Your Psychic Child’ is a wonderful guide for parents. As described in Velocity Ascension many of the children being born into the world today have psychic gifts. This is partly due to the natural evolution of the human species. It is also because advanced souls throughout the universe are incarnating with the express purpose of lending their wisdom to help the world ascend at this crucial time. So this book is a treasure for parents who wish to help their children fulfil their role on this planet. It’s particularly useful for parents who feel they aren’t at all psychic and want some clear, grounded guidance on providing a supportive environment for their beloved children. Most children are psychic but criticising parents can stunt natural development, causing a life long impact. It is not a boot camp to get your child to be more psychic but puts the child’s happiness and balanced development at the front and foremost. It also has some really lovely true life examples.

Number 11

After I first discovered my clairaudient ability to connect to the spirit world it was a number of years before I met other people who heard celestial beings like me. At times it felt quite lonely. It was through books that I found people of similar experiences. I came across Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God’ series a couple of years ago and they make for powerful and thought provoking reading. It has been affirming to read another author who is a channel for Source. Velocity Ascension is a natural complement to the ‘Conversations with God’ series as whilst God provides Neale with thorough answers to his questions, some of the deepest questions that preoccupy us humans, Velocity Ascension provides a succinct guide to putting this information into advancing our spiritual development through visualization and exercises.

Number 10

 I discovered ‘Positive Energy’ by Judith Orloff on our bookshelf at home earlier this year, at exactly the time I needed a bit of its wisdom. Judith’s style is sassy and smart. As a psychiatrist and intuitive she combines rigorous medical knowledge with psychic wisdom. It’s a must read for anyone wanting to get more in touch with their energy field and the importance of energy awareness in creating fulfilling lives. It’s peppered with the accounts and interviews of Hollywood celebs and workers which gives it a zesty twist. I particularly liked her description of energy vampires –  different types of personalities that drain our energy fields. I could pin point a number of these vampires in my own life. I have recommended this book to a number of people that are particularly sensitive to the energy of others around them, but may not realise why they are feeling ill, or low, or drained in particular environments or company. Judith gives wonderful down to earth advice on how to protect ones energy field and bring health and abundance into your life.  The book resonates very strongly with the messages channelled in Velocity Ascension.

Number 9

I’m very interested in spiritual books where the author has integrated both left and right brain disciplines. This is because on my life’s path my right brain intuitive side has at times seemed incongruent with my left brain logic and economics work. Michael Newton, PhD, is a counseling psychologist and master hypnotherapist. In ‘Destiny of Souls’ he presents multiple case studies from his patients of their experiences of the spirit world in between lives. It’s fascinating and affirming for me as their experiences have been consistent with what my guidance has described happens between lives. As with Velocity Ascension it is a wonderful investment if you want to avoid feeling scared of death for it provides rich description of the joyous reunion the ‘Home-coming’ of souls is, when we pass to the other side.

Number 8

‘Conversations with the Body – The True Sixth Sense Story of a Medical Intuitive’ by Robyn Elizabeth Welch, inspired me when I was pregnant to connect directly with my body parts, even at a cellular level, with incredible results. Involved in a multiple car pile up Robyn was told by doctors she wouldn’t recover but over a number of months healed herself and through doing so discovered an advanced gift of energy and distance healing. Conversations with the Body proposes just that, talking with your body, asking how your knees, or breasts are feeling, and tuning in so that you can adjust your diet, exercise, health practice to maintain optimum health and heal yourself of conditions more conventional medicine may say is terminal.  Through this insightful autobiography I can connect psychically with my body as I do with the celestial kingdom. Our bodies have the answers for optimum health, go within as well as without. Velocity Ascension also teaches us the power of our bodies and the wisdom you can access by tuning in to yourself as well as understanding the importance of our energy bodies as well as our physical bodies.

Number 7

‘The Celestine Prophecy: an experimental guide,’ is the companion work book to the internationally best selling Celestine Prophecy novel. In the compelling novel the hero is introduced to a number of universal laws which are presented in Velocity Ascension including the Law of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation. ‘The Celestine Prophecy, experimental guide’ is a book I’ve come back to again and again. It provides useful exercises to help focus your efforts on one year and five year goals, addressing your negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive, attracting bounty of various kinds into one’s life, and also understanding how as humans we are all linked together as part of the Oneness.   Wonderful stuff!

Wonderful world of Favourite BooksNumber 6

For me ‘Spirit Babies’ by Walter Makichen is one of the most beautiful books ever written: the content introduces the reader to the sacred world of ‘spirit babies’, the souls of our children before they are born to us. Before he passed away in 2011 Walter specialized in psychic connection with these ‘spirit babies’ and helped many couples conceive by communicating the issues that were stopping their children incarnating. He also helped me conceive my first born. After a couple of years of trying one month of the exercises in Walter’s book and I had conceived. The connection that he enabled continued throughout my pregnancy and with both my children they decided upon their names and told me when they would be born. My first son arrived within 15minutes of when he told me. The connection I made with my second son, enabled me to understand at a soul level the journey he was going through when on the physical level his breathing collapsed and he nearly returned to the spirit realm. Velocity Ascension describes how we choose our parents before we incarnate and how our children have chosen us. ‘Spirit Babies’ brings to life this beautiful fact and is a must read.

Number 5

‘How To: Meet & Work With Spirit Guides’ by Ted Andrews is a cracking little book that started my conscious connection with the spirit world. First published in 1992 I bought it for only a few pounds back when I was about 18. It’s one of the best value buys I’ve ever made. With simple text, drawings and instructions, like Velocity Ascension it shows the reader how to connect to animal spirits, your guardian angels and how to channel celestial beings. It was my introduction to the miraculous support from my spirit guide, animal guides and my guardian angel. Thank you Mr Andrews!

Number 4

‘Living Magically’ by Jill Edwards is like a favourite friend. Her book is as it suggests a magical and uplifting treasure. In its pages she provides wonderful visualisations for soul development including ones I continue to use to this day such as the Crystal Cave visualization to bring abundance of love, health, wealth, whatever we choose, into our lives. Jill passed away at the end of 2011 when a life’s mission was complete. Trained as a clinical psychologist she trained extensively in energy psychology and energy medicine. She’s written a number of books that are down to earth, practical and for me, life changing. I love this book so much that it’s the one I always give away to my friends. Then I replace it and end up giving the replacement away too!

Number 3

Louise Hay is a cult figure in energy medicine. Her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life,’ has sold many millions and for good reason. Her list of affirmations to counteract illness are a bible to me and I have healed many ailments with the aid of this book.  Her whole approach to life of putting positivity at the centre of all we do is presented in Velocity Ascension and is one of the most important Laws of the Universe for our ascension. The importance of addressing our health at our energetic level as well as the physical is a central lesson in Velocity Ascension. Louise thank you thank you!

Number 2

Diana Cooper is a prolific author that has greatly influenced my life. Her easily accessible style and deep connection with the guide that she channels has aided my connection with the celestial kingdom and my preparation for key historic points in the spiritual calendar. She’s written many wonderful books on angels, unicorns, angel orbs – each and everyone of them I could include in this list, in fact my whole top 12 could just be Diana Cooper! But the book I will include in this top 12 is ‘2012 and Beyond, an invitation to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.’ I love Diana’s books because they are so practical with multiple visualisations and exercises to undertake and I’ve had some of my most profound visualisations with those she has gifted us. Like Source in Velocity Ascension ‘2012 and Beyond..’ emphasises the importance of the world’s chakras and great cosmic portals and the importance of our own spiritual cleansing to aid the world’s ascension. Diana you are wonderful!

Number 1

Hands of Light - ultimate textbook on energy body-workHands of Light – A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, is my text book on energy work. I first came to it in my early 20s. It was a deep education in the chakra system of the body and how we are energetic beings as well as physical beings. She presents energetic types of energy drainers, and advanced techniques of energy healing. I admire Barbara because she combines her rigorous scientific mind with her gifted intuitive self to provide us with a holistic and thorough understanding of our human selves. It’s an integration of left and right brain ability that I hope I will attain, one day. Velocity Ascension highlights the importance of cleansing our chakras and provides additional guidance on working with specific archangels to do so.

Enjoy your reading. I’d love to hear what your favourite and sacred books have been along your own paths towards ascension.

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