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Helena and 3 month old Saafi with angel wings

Helena and 3 month old Saafi with angel wings

2013 hit me like a gale force wind leaving me battered but stronger. I disappeared off the radar of this blog site, Velocity Ascension and for many of my friends further afield. It was a profound journey.

I am clairaudient: I can hear Source, angels and ascended masters speak to me as clearly as I hear a person sitting beside me. In October 2012 this higher guidance told me I’d go through a period of purification preparing me for the release of the book, which was due in Spring 2013. I wasn’t prepared for the type of purification that took place.

The challenge was on all fronts and culminated in the near death of my new baby, Saafi, who was born after an empowering water birth on 18th October. I had been in regular psychic contact with Saafi when he was in my womb. On one particular day after a traumatic event he told me ‘it hurt me mummy.’ Soon after my healer informed me that not enough oxygen was reaching the foetus. Around the same time my gynaecologist noted a drastic weight loss on one of my six weekly scans. So when Saafi was born seemingly healthy I was incredibly relieved. Yet within 40 hours he was rushed into intensive care with low blood glucose. Jaundice quickly followed and he was placed under the lights with tiny eye patches that looked bizarre. We couldn’t even hold him.

I lodged in the hospital and on the second night of his stay in ICU I came down in the early hours of the morning to discover he’d stopped breathing, been resuscitated and had a nurse watching him every second to check that he was still breathing. Rather than 60 breaths per minute he was managing 8. A series of tests followed including lumber punctures, an antibiotic drip, so many blood tests. He confounded the doctors and nurses.

Channelling Velocity Ascension had prepared me for the ordeal. At a spiritual level from my guidance from Source and talking to Saafi’s soul I knew that he was having second thoughts about his soul contract to come into earthly form. Velocity Ascension explains that this planet is like a large training ground to learn our lessons and all souls agree unique contracts before they incarnate.

My guidance told me Saafi had only recently passed over and was happy on the other side, felt his work on that side wasn’t complete and also was scared by the prospect of coming back into the fragile form of a baby and into the veil of amnesia on Earth where you have to forget your connection with God. His death – stopping breathing – was brought about by his soul wavering in its contract to incarnate.

There were many synchronicities during this time, which gave me some comfort.  A friend of mine had without me knowing asked her healer in Europe to do an energetic balance. This lady had tuned into Saafi and like me also learnt that he was fearful of passing into the small vulnerable baby’s body that he had agreed to incarnate into. She said he had requested being read the 99 names of God. The next day our healer, without me saying a word, arrived with a surprise present of the 99 names of God.

Whilst I was exhausted with worry that we may lose Saafi I also supported him at a soul level to make the choice that was best for him – whether to incarnate or not. I meditated with him frequently during that time, attempting to ground him in his body, reassuring him of my love, that of his father, his brother and beyond. On the fourth day he agreed to stay. His breathing stabilised though he was still on oxygen and caffeine.

On the medical side a brain scan – MRI – found damage to the thalamus part of the brain. We journeyed to a Gotham style hospital where the neurologist told us to come to terms with our child being a ‘spastic’ or having some other severe physical disability.  That hit me and my husband like a savage punch in the face and gut. One of the most difficult parts of the diagnosis was that we won’t know the long term impact until he’s one or two years old. But we quickly re-centred ourselves focusing on our belief that any disability can be healed as long as it is not in one’s soul contract to be disabled. This is also explained in Velocity Ascension and Source assured me that Saafi’s soul contract is to fully recover. We are working closely with our healer to balance his energy field as well as to eliminate toxins from his body that could inhibit full recovery.

One of the most challenging lessons I’ve wrestled with and that is explained in Velocity Ascension is the Law of Manifestation; we can create our own reality. We can attract positive outcomes into our lives with the right energies. Many new age books focus on manifestation of material wealth and this does have a place in our ascension and happiness. But the most profound abundance is not to be found in material wealth but in health and love.

My test for the Law of Manifestation is to manifest Saafi’s full recovery. That means each minute of every day when a negative thought comes into my mind that he may be permanently disabled I replace it with a thought of full recovery, full recovery, full recovery and then I know whatever the outcome it will be as it is meant to be. I thank Source for the wonderful healers, therapists and of course my wonderful husband and five year old son Tariq who will also enable Saafi’s recovery.

I also thank Source for the lessons of last year, I am grateful for the blessings we are showered with on a daily basis and trust we will be looked after. I’d like to share some of these lessons with you over the next few months. When I returned to my website early this year I was met with a shower of inspiring messages from readers asking when Velocity Ascension will be released. I wasn’t ready to finish and publish the book but I am now, 2013 and its challenges have prepared me. Thank you to all of you for your continued support. With my love. Helena


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  1. Matthew  March 21, 2014

    Wow Helena, thanks for sharing! What a year you had! It’s great to see things are getting less fraught for you, and you clearly have some wonderful insight, which must be very reassuring.

    It was lovely to hear you speak of connection to angels/source/ascended masters in the way that you have. I’ve been getting written messages via 11:11 progress group, Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers, guided meditations to meet spirit guides and recently using Doreen’s Ascended Masters app which has given me some on-message readings.

    It’s lovely to see how one can get connected. It must be amazing to be clairaudient.

    Love and blessings to you and to Saafi for a full recovery.


    • Helena Mahatey  March 26, 2014


      Thank you so much for sending me this message and sharing your own experiences as well as giving me and Saafi your wonderful energy and support! It is such an exciting time with so much opportunity for fast spiritual growth and psychic connection, I always am energised by people who are connecting too. It sounds like you have a great circle of likeminded people in your life and are also enjoying sacred connection. Let’s stay in touch. I’d be really interested to know what messages you are getting through and how you integrate them into your every day life. Saafi is doing well, by the way, we’re doing our alternative healing, as well as physiotherapy and have a great support network. He’s started to smile and coo! Big events for our family.

      Much love and blessings to you.

      Helena xxx

  2. Nabiyah  December 22, 2014

    Namasté Helena,

    Thank you for sharing your journey and allowing others into such an intimate time in your life. I connected with the energy of your written expression, and as I read it, I allowed it to take me into your experience without emotionally vesting in the story. Immediately, there was a deep resonance of truth with my spirit. My heart filled with gratitude for your strength, awareness and your love for Saafi, at the purest level. I know the process was ineffably challenging for you, despite all your awareness and knowing, since you are still in body in this unique and seemingly dense plane, and subject to constantly reconciling higher knowing with actualizing such knowing in this plane, but that is what makes it all the more profound. And to witness those moments, albeit indirectly, is a miracle. I Thank you for your courage.

    I came to this site today from a twitter link that said, “I supported him at a soul level to make the choice that was best for him, to live or die.” When I read that statement, bells went off for me and I clicked on the link. As I read, I reached the point where you mentioned Saafi’s name. Part of my name, given to me directly by Spirit, is Safi (without the other A). Then you mentioned his birthday, October 18th. I, too, am born under the sign of Libra, 10/5. And I began thinking why did I come to this site, today, right now? The feeling was intensely purposeful. Today is 12/22/2014. I sat at my laptop, merging with the energy before me and remembered the day when Spirit took me on a direct journey about life and death, in November of 1993. I had never heard of Soul Contracts or read anything remotely close to that idea, but on that empathic journey, Spirit opened me to those exact words and I finally understood why my mother “chose” cancer. I had struggled with suicide since she crossed over in January 1986, until that moment, and immediately that struggle was released. I too, “know,” beyond the mind, that full recovery is possible as long as it is not a part of the soul contract.

    This post reminded me of the dense energies that are present while in form, on this plane, but that we are only bound when we are unaware. It feels as if Saafi is working through the reconciliation of several truths and how, the seeming dichotomy of it all, creates a beautiful dance when we do not become stuck by judgments and can sense the intricate mastery of it all. It is very interesting, how your experience is a true representation of that. I can see why he chose you as his teacher and guide as he entered this plane and to accompany him on the journey his must face. He will have you and many others to help him see the balance of it all. Once he does, he will “choose” full recovery. Continue to help him reconcile now and he may choose while he’s still very young. He has to know that he has the power to manifest as he chooses, but only through surrender to the deepest truths that MIND cannot conceive. His bravery to enter this plane while afraid, concerned, and initially resistant, is a true testament of his courage and character. Saafi is ready! He should remember that love truly leads us to fulfillment. Know that my soul supports you and your family and the journey that is before you all. I stand in agreement for Saafi’s full recovery and the example that his journey represents for all. You are another me, beloved. Blessings and love to you

    • Helena Mahatey  January 2, 2015

      Thank you so much for your words and sharing your own brave journey. It brought tears to my eyes to have so much love, insight and understanding reflected back. Your words are inspiring and encouraging. There are so many lessons for all of us bound up in Saafi’s journey as it intersects and dances with our own. It’s been 15 months now since Saafi was born and on a personal level I continue to have challenges thrown at me, physical, emotional the works, I’m grateful for these opportunities to learn but as a human and a denser being it is not always easy! That said it seems more than ever an exhilarating journey and I continue to be in awe of the mystery and majesty of Source and the celestial kingdom and our lives as part of this and count my blessings everyday. Sending love to you on your own exciting journey. xxxx


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