Visualisation – Love your body with Archangel Chamuel

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Love your body – guided visualisation with Archangel Chamuel

7305390_mSelf-love is the key to happiness. This does not mean dwelling in the ego and assuming you are better than others. Ego is as much about the inferior ego – I’m just not good enough – as the superior ego – I’m better than others. Self-love means loving yourself, body, mind and soul.

Earth is a training ground for learning our lessons so that we can develop as souls. Before we incarnate we decide what we will look like, choose whether to have a disability or not, what ethnicity and what gender we will be. If your body parts could answer back what would they tell you they feel? Would they feel loved? Cherished?

Your body, whatever it looks like, is beautiful and you have designed it exactly as it needs to be to enable you to learn the lessons of this life. The following visualisation works with Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel of love who focuses on the heart chakra, to help you love your body unconditionally.  Read through the visualisation a couple of times before you start. Don’t worry what journey your mind takes you on or if it deviates from what is written below. Know that it is right for you now.

Close your eyes, breath deeply and evenly. Feel your feet firmly on the floor. Tiny golden roots leave the soles of your feet burying through the magical African soil to the Earth’s core. There they wrap themselves around a magnificent rose quartz crystal. As you breath in the roots draw the energy up through the soil and into your body. With each breath more healing Earth energy fills you and surrounds you in an impenetrable loving ball of protection.

You find yourself in a comfortable, warm room. The wooden floor is firm beneath your feet. You are standing before a full-length mirror wearing your favourite underwear. You feel completely protected, at ease and confident. In the mirror you see a beautiful person standing facing you. That person is You.

Suddenly, you are enveloped by a nurturing energy of pure unconditional love and standing beside you is Archangel Chamuel in all her magnificence. You thank her for coming.

You smell an exquisite, delicate floral scent and realise she is holding a basket of rose petals. Archangel Chamuel tells you that each petal is filled with her love and that she is going to place a petal on the parts of your body that are beautiful.

Now she places a rose petal on your right foot, as she does so your whole foot vibrates with the most beautiful nurturing light. Your right foot is filled with joy and beauty. She now places a petal on your left foot. The left foot absorbs the energy of love from the petals and vibrates with joy, feeling intrinsically beautiful.

Archangel Chamuel works quickly, placing petals all over your body; on your stomach, chest, breasts, arms, buttocks, face, until every inch of your body is covered in the soft, fragrant petals. Your whole body is vibrating with joy and radiates beauty.

Is there a part of your body that you are self conscious of? If so Archangel Chamuel asks you to send that body part love, love, love. Send more love now. Tell that body part it is beautiful.

Now Archangel Chamuel places a magnificent gown of green silk around your shoulders. This is the gown of self-love and you can wear it at all times.

Look in the mirror and acknowledge your inner and outer beauty. If you have any questions ask Archangel Chamuel now. Listen to her guidance. Thank her. She kisses your forehead, bids you farewell. When you are ready open your eyes and return to the room.

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  1. Linda  March 11, 2015

    Beautiful article, I could feel the love as I read it. Thank you!

  2. Eiko  December 7, 2016

    I loved it!!! So holistic and celestial I was deeply healed and I really needed that. Thank you,
    Eiko from Japan.

  3. Edittah Mbatia  July 5, 2017

    Its amazing to emerge oneself in love and self love thoughts. Happiness is within you and fully depends on you


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