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For many women pregnancy is the most psychic time of our lives. The time when we receive a soul directly from the other side into our bodies. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a year when my friend lent me a wonderful book called Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen. Walter, who passed over in 2011, was an acclaimed psychic specialising in connecting with souls ready to incarnate.

The book presented touching case studies of parents he had worked with, most who weren’t able to conceive, and who came to Walter to find out why. For many of these hopeful couples the spirit babies were already in the mother’s aura but were battling to come through into the physical world.

The reasons were varied. Walter would connect to the spirit baby and discuss their fears and concerns. For one their mother was a career woman and her energy field was too harsh and stressed for the child to come through. Another couple were desparate to have a girl and the little soul waiting was a boy. One spirit baby had had such a traumatic birthing process in a previous incarnation that fear was holding them back from connecting with the mother.

In the book Walter gives mantras and exercises to connect to your spirit baby and call your spirit baby into your womb. I can remember when I first connected to my spirit child, it was overlooking an exquisite coastal view in Kenya. I told the soul all my fears and the spirit baby reassured me that I’d have a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, a safe labour of less than five hours and that he would love travel when he was born. He also told me that my life would just be starting and not ending.

I became pregnant a month after I began the mantras. I continued to talk to my spirit baby throughout my pregnancy. He even told me his name. When I met a psychic lady who specialised in connecting with spirit babies I asked her to let me know what he wanted to be called without telling her I was in communication already. The psychic said she was getting an “r and a q” in the name but that “he says he’s already told you what he wants to be called!”

Tariq – as he named himself –  advised me what to eat, when to sleep, when to calm down. He also told me the exact date and time of his birth. It was two weeks before I was due and first-time mothers apparently are more likely to be overdue than before the due date. I wanted to go out to a party on the Saturday of that weekend so I checked with Tariq who calmly said it was fine for me to go but that I should pack my hospital bag.

My friend was moving house on the Sunday but Tariq said I should rest as that night I would go into labour. I didn’t really believe him but that night sure enough I did and the following morning at 8.15am Tariq was born, 15 minutes after he had informed me he would come.

The power of spirit is not to be underestimated. If you are pregnant enjoy this special time. It is a great time of sacred connection, of enjoying the essence of your womanhood and if you haven’t already connected try and connect with the baby in your womb and listen to their answers. Reassure them and be reassured. If you are trying to conceive Walter’s book is a wonderful inspiring treasure.


Helena is the author of the channeled book Velocity Ascension that will be published just after Easter 2013.

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  1. Angie  March 19, 2013

    Hi, I read the article about spirit babies…People don’t realize our baby is in heaven waiting on us.. They are very nervous about leaving God and heaven, because that’s all they know. Earth is scary to them, just as going to another planet would frighten us. When we assure them they’ll be loved and taken care of, they’ll be ready to come to their parents..I’ve never read any books about it, it’s just something I’ve known..
    Congratulations, on your little heavenly angel…

    P.S. Are there other books on spirit topics, such as spirit babies?

    God Bless


    • Helena Mahatey  January 4, 2014

      Dear Angie,

      As you say it’s so important to tell them at a soul level we love them and they are wanted. I have recently given birth to a second son and he had just the fears about moving from the spirit world full of love to this world, it caused him to nearly not come resulting in a spate in ICU. I’m so glad he committed! He’s home and very happy now and we give thanks everyday that he decided to stay with us.

      In terms of books on spirit babies the only one I’ve come across that specifically deals with Spirit Babies is the book of that name that I mentioned in the blog, by Walter Makichen. In terms of spirit topics more generally there is a vast range of literature, some of my favourites are by Dianna Cooper who writes alot about angels and connecting with them, Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton and Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan.

      Blessings to you too!

      Helena xxx

    • elizabeth carman  February 18, 2014

      We invite you to explore our latest evidence for pre-birth communications and pre-birth memories in Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before birth. Our research encompasses interviews with 150 people, including mothers and children, as well as cross-cultural cases referenced in books and journals.

      • Helena Mahatey  March 26, 2014

        Dear Elizabeth,

        I am always looking for new evidence based books and material. I have had a quick look at your website. It looks really interesting. I will read and recommend. Have you had a positive response to the book and its contents?

        All the best,


  2. Anna  April 6, 2013

    I have never read anything about this or come across anyone who thought this way until now. However, my daughter nagged me for several years from wherever she was prior to me agreeing wholeheartedly to have a child.

    You see, I didn’t want children, certainly not without a wealthy husband and all that. But she knew she wanted me to be her mother and started harping on about it until I became accustomed to the idea and began to plan for it. I knew the minute I conceived. We’ve been best friends ever since.

    As it turned out, I was a brilliant mum and she has grown up, in spite of our meager material resources, to become very successful and beautiful inside and out. I raised her as a blessing with the same rights and freedoms I expect for myself. She was fully conscious as a newborn and developed very quickly.

    I advise parents in crisis that I come across from time to time to tell their children every day that you love them, that they are clever and beautiful. Forget about rules and just set an example of kindness and consideration.

    • Helena Mahatey  January 4, 2014

      Dear Anna, Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. Our children choose us and it is such an honour that they do, we can learn so much from them, especially from the children coming through at the present time as they are often much more advanced souls than we are! It always reminds me of that beautiful poem by Kalil Gibran ….

      Your children are not your children.
      They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
      They come through you but not from you,
      And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

      Love to you, Helena xxx

  3. Donella Martin Braddix  April 18, 2013

    Wow! Thank you for sharing. I love it. It’s so beautiful. Looking forward to having you on my show one day to talk about this, if you would be so inclined!

    • Helena Mahatey  January 4, 2014

      Dear Donella,

      It would be an absolute honour to be on your show. Apologies for the late response. 2013 took me on a speed journey including the birth of my second child who connected with me in a similar way to my first. However, he almost died. By connecting with him at a soul level and Source I had insights that helped me get through a very traumatic time! All is well now. Looking forward to further communication with you in 2014. I hope you’re really well and energised. Helena xxx

  4. Dina  December 10, 2013

    Thank you for the recommendation! I just ordered the book and look forward to reading it. 🙂

  5. Sue  March 25, 2014

    What happens in the case of abortions? Do the spirit babies decide this?

    • Helena Mahatey  March 26, 2014

      In the case of abortions it is usually the decision of the mother. However, the same spirit baby can return in a later pregnancy. It is important for the mother to explain to the spirit baby why she has taken this course of action and to reassure and give the spirit baby love. As the spirit baby has chosen the mother (or the father) they will tend to wait and return to the same mother at a later time and be understanding of the situation. If there is a miscarriage this is often because the spirit baby is not ready to come through or not comfortable in the body that is present, for instance the foetus may not be healthy enough and the spirit baby wants to incarnate into a healthy foetus.

      Hope this helps.

      Lots of love,

      Helena xxx

  6. Lyan  June 25, 2014

    It was wonderful reading the comments. Can somebody please let me know who could help me to connect with my spirit babies. I do not mind traveling to meet that person at all. We have been trying for years. Thank you

    • Helena Mahatey  July 1, 2014

      Dear Lyan, Thank you for your enquiry. The author of Spirit Babies passed over a couple of years ago. However, I can recommend a psychic lady that I consult sometimes called Lisa Mongelli. She is a very gifted psychic and professional singer. You can view her website; she is based in South Africa but does distance readings which means you can phone or Skype her. You can get in touch with her through the website. She has helped other people connect to their spirit babies. You can also try yourself. Have you got the Spirit Babies book? It gives you very clear advice on how you, through your own psychic ability can connect. With specific visualisations? I always think it’s best to use your own connection as well as going to a psychic. It can be particularly empowering when the psychic reaffirms what you have also been told through your own psychic connection. Please also note that information from the spirit world doesn’t always come through exactly as we receive info in the physical world. In particular a spirit baby may talk to you as a girl and be born as a boy because their most recent incarnation or incarnation they feel comfortable with was a girl.

      I’d love to know how it goes.

      All the best,


  7. Domenic  October 8, 2014

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    i know how to do it, just type in google (with quotes) for – “mundillo traffic increase”

    • Helena Mahatey  November 21, 2014

      Thank you for this I will have a look at your link! All the best, H

  8. Karen Herbert  December 5, 2014

    Dear Helena,
    I got my tubes cut tied and burnt in December 2013 and became pregnant with my son 3 months later in March of 2014. In June 2014 I went for a gender sono and found out my son no longer had a heart beat he was 16 weeks gestation. The night before a name came to me while I was taking a bath. When I found out my baby boy had passed I was very devastated. A few days later I was induced and had my baby boy which I named Jonathan Lee. Which was the name given to me. I voted to have a induction due to I wanted my baby to be whole so I could cremate and bury my little one. The day of the funeral it rained a lot. I read a poem I wrote to him and even placed the urn in the ground myself along with the poem. I guess he wasn’t ready for this world yet but he is surely loved and missed everyday. I have a feeling he’s gonna come back to me just don’t know when. Thank you for your article. Karen Herbert

    • Helena Mahatey  December 7, 2014

      Dear Karen,

      Thank you so much for sharing your moving story. It brought tears to my eyes. You have a strong intuition and it was wonderful that you connected so clearly with Jonathan and gave him so much love in his short stay. My guidance says he chose you as his mother to experience that spell of short but very intense love and I’m sure your intuition is right that you will meet him again. He is with you every day and he feels your love like warm sunshine, on the other side. Though sadness can be keen we are never really apart. With love, Helena

  9. Jaime Jacobo  July 11, 2015

    I enjoy reading this blog I miscarried very young and still trying to communicate with her I have hopes one day that day will come. I been gettinng this weird vibe as if the time may come shes ready to come back into my arms thank you for this positive blog keep doing what you do best
    With love!

  10. Edittah Mbatia  July 5, 2017

    This is all very new to me and quite informative. I must admit that there is always baby mother connection after conception and the two can relate quite well emotionally. I didnt know one can connect with a spirit baby and actually communicate with it before conception. We learn a new thing every day. Thank you very much

    • Helena Mahatey  July 5, 2017

      Hello Beautiful Edittah thank you for your lovely comment! We are all incredibly psychic beings but we often interpret our sixth sense as gut instinct or a ‘feeling’ or subdue our higher wisdom. We can hone our skills. Velocity Ascension gives many tools to help us connect with the angels and wise beings and our higher guidance. Love to you. xxx


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