Love is Happiness – The Most Important Law of the Universe

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Breaking dawn with Archangel Chamuel’s pink orb of love (lower right)

Do you want a world without war and suffering? Do you really want a world without war and suffering? It is within your grasp. The answer is simple to comprehend, and with the help that God and the celestial kingdom are giving us at the present time it is also simple to achieve. We must understand the most important Law of the Universe and that is “Love is Happiness”. The great Ka Hunas of the Pacific, wise shamans who could control the energies around them, going without food and water for a week because they took sustenance from the air and understood their interconnectedness with the planet, understood this guiding principle.

In Velocity Ascension Source, God, Allah – whatever we choose to call the Creator, gives us visualisations and exercises to make this Law a part of our consciousness and our every day. For we cannot bring in the qualities of heaven by putting it in a spiritual box for the mosque on Friday or Church on Sunday. We need to make the spiritual truth part of our everyday, from the time we wake up until the time we sleep, and go beyond that, asking for help to better our spiritual path in our sleep.

Today in the 21st century we are bombarded by so many assertions through the media, advertising and peer pressure that we should be richer, more worldly, more beautiful in the magazine sense, more more more. What Velocity Ascension teaches us is that “Love is Happiness” begins with the Self.

Sharmala with love angel orbs on the LHS of the photo, 2011, Pretoria

How many of us can truly say we love ourselves? Rather don’t we go around picking holes in our physical self, and in our achievements? I know I put so much pressure on myself, and have to stop myself and pat myself on the back sometimes and just say thank you to my body for keeping me upright all day and functioning. The Para Olympics is truly inspirational for there men and women have surpassed the expectations and limitations placed on them and excelled.

But Velocity Ascension also teaches the importance of seeing the Godspark in everyone; for when you realise the flame of God in your enemy how can you wish them ill? When you see the Godspark in the beggar on the street how can you pity or fear them?

Look for the Godspark in everyone you meet, do not pity or fear, or envy, for we are all part of the Oneness that is Source, God, Allah, and through the exercises and visualisations in Velocity Ascension you will realise the peace that self love and universal love brings.

Pink love angel orbs – enlarged from photo above

We can all call on the angels of love led by Archangel Chamuel to help us find self love and unconditional love for others. We just need to ask. The first photo in this blog was taken at daybreak and the beautiful pink energy is Archangel Chamuel’s orb. The second photo is of a friend taken in my back guardian. Sharmala is visited by two pink angels of love on the left hand side of the photo. These are blown up in the third photo. Practice at home taking orbs with your loved ones, call in an angel of love and see what comes in!

About Helena Mahatey
Author of the channelled book Velocity Ascension, coming 2013

Helena Mahatey AuthorHelena Mahatey is an experienced international development professional. Trained as an environmental economist, until recently she was a senior advisor to the British government’s international aid programme in climate change and the environment. For the past 15 years she has provided advice, designed and managed programmes of activities that improve the welfare of the poorest in the world. She is clairaudient, a teacher of the Angel Connection School, and is currently channelling Velocity Ascension, a book from Source. She divides her time between South Africa, where she is based with her family, and Cornwall, UK.

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  1. Riyad  August 16, 2012

    what a treat to see, hear and read of your reminder to seek the Godspark in everyone and to see it in you. thanks.

    • admin  August 18, 2012

      Thank you for this wonderful message. It’s transformed my life seeing the godspark in everyone, it’s also made me feel the connection we have with the whole of human kind and the animal kingdom as the godspark is in us all, we are all connected to god, we are all part of the same Oneness.
      Have a really special day and thanks again.


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