God’s Direct Word for the 21st Century?

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angel orb, Archangel Michael, pink orb of love, Archangel Butalyl, Luxor Temple, Egypt, 11/11/11, 11am 11th November 2011, Angel Connection School

Angel Connection School at the Luxor Temple, Egypt, 11/11/11 with Archangel Michael’s blue orb (above centre right) and Archangel Butalyl’s silver Orb top left

A year ago I’d never have believed that I would be channelling Source/ God. It’s been a really fast paced spiritual journey over the last year although my journey really began 20 years ago, if I had to put a date on it, when I first connected with my Guardian Angel. I’m clair-audient – which means that when I quieten my mind I can hear the voices of celestial beings, and have conversations with them, as clearly as if I was talking to a friend in the same room.

Channelling is a technique that many can master although it can be difficult as you need to let go completely and give your body and mind up to the higher energy to write through, or speak through you. To work with the highest celestial beings you need to have committed your life in some way to improving the world. Many channelled books are being released this year and this isn’t surprising. 2012 is the dawn of the Golden Age. But the world is not out of danger yet by a long way – or so Source tells me – and the channelled books are a direct communication between the celestial world and us. It’s important we listen and act.

I began channelling Source just before the 11th November 2011. My instruction was clear; there was work that I needed to do on this important date in the spiritual calendar that I needed to be in Egypt for. There was also a book that I needed to channel from Source that would be of great importance for the 21st Century and it should be titled Velocity Ascension as it would provide a rapid way for readers of the book to advance themselves spiritually and in so doing enable the world to reach the Golden Age. Source refers to Velocity Ascension as his/her Manual and as it is channelled, it is written in the first person.

It has been rather an overwhelming message to receive. But the higher guidance over the past 20 years has always been so loving, clear and wise and the strength of the Source energy channelled through me so pure and directive that I know I have to follow it. A number of psychics I know have also independently corroborated the message I’ve been given.

It’s also been interesting how as I’ve connected with higher angels, archangels and Source my tolerance of alcohol and cigarette smoke has declined and this is common to many although not all lightworkers that I know. I’ve never smoked or been a heavy drinker, but now even a quarter glass of champagne will give me a hangover – believe me it’s a small price to pay!

Close up of Archangel Michael’s Orb and pink angel of love, Luxor Temple 11th November 2011 (11/11/11)

The number of celestial beings that I can connect to has also increased a hundred fold over the past 18 months. I work with particular archangels and enlightened humans (ascended masters) for particular goals – Archangel Raphael for healing, Archangel Michael for protection, Jesus for unconditional love, Prophet Mohammad for wisdom, Ray of Light for fearlessness. Many others have come to work with me on specific lightwork. I took photos 1 and 2 in this blog at the Luxor temple in Egypt, on the 11/11/11. In it are members of the Angel Connection School and also the angel orbs of Archangel Michael (blue in the centre left with a pink angel of love) and Archangel Butalyl’s silver orb at the top left. This photo can be meditated on to enable you to connect more easily with the celestial kingdom.

I can also see how the whole of my life has been building up to this, preparing me for the work I need to do. In my day job I’m an international development specialist –  the past 15 years of my working life has been focused on improving the environment and reducing world poverty through supporting policy change and direct activities in less well off countries, such as improving agricultural productivity, trade and transport infrastructure and supporting renewable energy access for the poorest in Africa. I’ve penned two novels that haven’t yet been published but have trained me in the practice of editing and have a spiritual theme, and undertaken a range of alternative healing courses that have cleared a lot of my baggage – essential for the spiritual work I need to do.

The balance between left brain and right brain, logic and intuition has also been important. I’m naturally cynical about spiritual stuff, so I can empathise with readers who might find this blog and website a stretch of the imagination. It stretches my imagination too!

But whilst I would never foist my views on others – and that is a clear instruction in Velocity Ascension – I know it’s real. The future of the world is in our hands. It’s integrally linked with how we treat the planet, how we deal with our baggage, as well as how we treat other people and whether or not we choose to ask and use the help the celestial kingdom  wants to give us. It is complementary to all religions and in Source’s own words from Velocity Ascension;

This Manual embodies the mysteries of the world. If anyone of you wondered if there was more to life than what you have experienced so far then you are absolutely correct. The world is mysterious and magnificent just as I am, as I Source am mysterious and magnificent. But in giving you this Manual I invite you across the threshold of the mysterious and the magnificent. And I ask you to be part of it. I ask you to be part of enabling the Golden Age. Enabling Heaven on Earth.

 It would be great if you can let me know your views and ideas on the Golden Age and how to reach it.

Velocity Ascension will be launched in October 2012.

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  1. JahSun  August 1, 2012

    Aho, Aloha & Namasté…

    Was led to your blog via synchronicity (guided to glance at one of your tweets).

    Congratulations on your book. Can’t wait to read it. Velocity Ascension is exactly what people need at this point. People don’t have the luxury to baby-step and tip-toe their way at this point.

    Be well fellow traveller. And, if you need some feedback before final release… or want an early review for it, contact me. I am starting a book & music review page on my blog which will start off featuring such worthy tomes as “Self Realization” by Steven Sadleir, “DREAMtweet” by RockAndRollGuru, and “Handbook Of The Navigator” by Eric Pepin (all of which are well worth reading btw).

    One love sister. Shalom.

    • admin  August 4, 2012

      Thank you so much for this fabulous offer to review/comment on the book and the warmth of your mail. There are so many wonderful souls out there dedicated to raising the vibrations of the earth, the Golden Age really seems within reach. I also looked at your website, it is striking and impactful, and your water work is inspirational. I also feel that the international development work and spiritual work I do benefit from one another. I may also, if that’s ok, seek your ideas on the CD I’m hoping to do to accompany the book, given your musical focus, I haven’t recorded it yet but it would benefit from fitting music. Anyway, I’m sending warmth back from South Africa. Helena x

  2. Eunice  April 20, 2013


    I saw you had followed on Twitter and had a look and followed you back. Obviously I run Wishes And Angels.:) I am also a Christian but unfortunately do not feel these days like being associated with many of their behaviours. I am v interested in Angelology and will definitely have a read of your book. Just thought I would let you know

    • Helena Mahatey  January 4, 2014


      Thank you so much for your encouragement, it really means alot to me. I’m nearly there with the book but took a meandering though frenetic path to reach where I am now! All part of the journey! Sending blessings for 2014. Helena xxx


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