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Angel Orbs – the energy of angels – can now be captured on digital camera. Above is the guardian angel of Annie. Photographed in 2011 with Annie below.

Angels are higher beings of unconditional love. They are sent by God/Source/Allah/the Universal Consciousness to help us attain our best and highest path through life. To be guides, helpers, protectors for us. They are also messengers of God. If we wish to contribute to the best and highest path of the Earth, they will also hurry to our aid.

We possess free will and therefore they will only help us if we request their support. The exception is if we are in a life threatening situation and it isn’t yet our time to die. Many people have had near death experiences when an unknown saviour appears. One person I know was driving on his own in his car along the motorway. He lost control of his car and spun out of control, but then beside him there was a person in the passenger seat helping him regain control of the vehicle. When he came to a stop the person had disappeared.

Another friend of mine was standing on a mountain, trying to decide with her daughter which attorney they should use to manage her husband’s estate. They drew angel cards to ask for guidance. An elderly man appeared who advised them the best decision. They thanked him, briefly turned around and when they turned back the man had disappeared.

All angels have specialities. Some angels help specifically at birth, bringing the soul of the spirit baby into the physical world. Other angels help people pass over, painlessly and safely. There are even angels that help married couples work through their problems. The ceremony of divorce enables these angels to be released to move to other duties. Some may dedicate their spiritual path to healing, others to protecting, still others to helping the Earth release toxins, others to help new forms of technology spread through the world.


Annie with her Guardian Angel, Jeremiah, 2011

Guardian angels are angels assigned to work with us for all of our lifetimes. They are like lifetime long friends, working with one person and only that person. Everyone has a guardian angel.  Angels in the last few years have made themselves known through the appearance of angel orbs – essentially balls of their energy – captured on digital cameras. The first photo in this blog is a closeup of the orb of Annie’s guardian angel, Jeremiah, shown with Annie in the second photo (to the left).  I find it easier to take photos of angel orbs at night as they are brighter against a dark background.

Angels are neither male nor female, they are beyond sexuality. In traditional literature angels have been depicted mostly as men, more recently Angel Teachers like Doreen Virtue depict angels as female. Your angel may come to you in a male or female form, sometimes this reflects the energy that you require more of to be in perfect balance.

Just as with humans there is a hierarchy amongst angels that reflects their personal evolution and skills. In the celestial kingdom all are equal, but some are more advanced. A general hierarchy puts Guardian Angels at the lower end, they tend to vibrate at a slower frequency although still faster than most humans. But this allows them to communicate more easily with humans. The next step up the hierarchy are Archangels. These are powerful angels that lead groups of angels.

Riana with the angel orb of Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael specialises in healing and works with many doctors, nurses and healers

Archangels you may have heard of include Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Metatron is the Archangel of Africa, also the current leader of the Archangels. Still further up the hierarchy and vibrating at a very high frequency are cherubims and seraphims, these sit very close to God, they work at a universal level. God/Source is at the top of the hierarchy. The third photo in this blog, to the left of this paragraph, shows Riana with the angel orb of archangel Raphael. Raphael specialises in healing and leads thousands of angels of healing. Riana is a music therapist and so it is not surprising that Archangel Raphael appeared in this photograph with her. An enlargement of Archangel Raphael’s orb is shown below.

The Angel orb of Arcangel Raphael – close up from the photo above

In December 2011 I was instructed by Source/God to channel his/her book Velocity Ascension, also known in the celestial kingdom as Source’s Manual. It will be published in October 2012. In Velocity Ascension Source describes how to call on his/her angels to raise our vibrations, improve our health, discover our purpose in life, and help heal wars and disputes. In it we will discover how to connect with our guardian angels and other angels, and how to work closely with them to save the world. The power is in our hands and Velocity Ascension is God’s Direct Word for the 21st Century on what we urgently need to do and how to do it.

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  1. Pradeep  June 7, 2013

    Will you please help me find and thank my guardian angel? I would like to believe I am deeply spiritual and have lived a charmed life on the edge, but always safe. I have attributed this to God and would love to meet and thank the power on earth through which this miracle takes place. Thanks

  2. Pradeep  June 25, 2013

    Still waiting on a reply:)

    • Helena Mahatey  January 4, 2014

      Dear Pradeep I hope that ‘patience’ is your middle name! Thank you for being patient with my reply and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Did you see the meditation on my website on meeting your guardian angel? If you try this you may get a message in the meditation or you may get a message in your dreams, or signs that you receive during the day. As you say you already have a deep connection but would perhaps like a clearer message. Be aware that different people receive messages from the angels and Source in different ways. I’m clairaudient so I hear them speaking to me however I have many friends who ‘see’ angels like they would another person sitting in the room, still others ‘feel’ very strongly, others just ‘know’ the answer like a gut truth. So be open and cherish how you connect. I hope that in Velocity Ascension you will also find it a useful way to develop your connectedness further. I am now focussed on finishing that. Much love and blessings for the new year. Helena x

  3. Kay Tagney  November 12, 2014

    Hi Helena I have just started using Twitter and now follow you (thank you for reciprocating). I first began to believe in Angels recently via Doreen Virtue and Kyle Grey (Hayhouse). I was brought up as a catholic but no longer believe in ‘religion’, as I believe that it has a lot to do with what is wrong in the world. I do however ‘get’ the idea of Universal energy/source/higher self etc and the good that you can do by harnessing this energy in a positive way. I have loved reading what you have to say and would love to buy your book, has it been published yet?
    Very best wishes

    • Helena Mahatey  November 21, 2014

      Dear Kay, It is so lovely to hear from you and I really thank you for your comment and being connected. The book will be published by the end of the year, it’s just at the final final layout stage. The website will also be updated by the end of the year and within the next few months we’ll have some interactive screens on the website where we can share the light work experiences with like minded people. The new website will also have a mechanism to join a mailing list. So please watch this space. I’m nearly there after a tremendous journey and of course the adventure continues!

      Much love and light to you as we share this exciting journey together.



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