Prophet Mohammed’s Angel Orb on Digital Camera

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Prophet Mohammed's Angel Orb captured on a very cold night in Knysna, South Africa, with a normal digital camera

About twenty years ago I first connected with my guardian angel, Azekeal. It’s been an enduring friendship. Each person in the world has a guardian angel that works with us and only us in each of our lifetimes – therefore it’s a particularly important relationship! I’m fortunate to be clairaudient – I hear the voices of angels and celestial beings as though they were in the same room as me and their messages are always incredibly wise, loving and inspiring.

Angels are messengers of Source, God, Allah, whatever we choose to call the Divine and they have their own hierarchy. About a year ago I commented to Azekeal that he was looking much younger than he did twenty years ago, when he was a rather wizened old angel. He replied that as I’ve progressed along my own spiritual path he has progressed along his and this has manifested in his features and physique becoming more youthful. Guardian angels take a wide range of forms, I’ve even come across an actress whose guardian angel looks like a clown. Angels love fun and working with them can lighten our often too serious approach to spirituality. They also are genderless but often present themselves to us in male or female form so we can connect more easily with them.

Angels have a hierarchy, and as guardian angels evolve they become archangels, and later more powerful angels such as seraphims and cherubims. Angels can only do the will of Source – they have no free will and they have no ego. Humans on the other hand evolve along a separate hierarchy. As we grow spiritually we move from the third dimension through the fourth, fifth, sixth and finally, if we become wise, all-loving, and fearless, to the seventh dimension where we join the ranks of ascended masters; men and women like Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, Buddha and Mother Mary.

Prophet Mohammed's key quality is wisdom, his angel orb (see photo above) has an orange glow and he resonates with crystals of an orange hue such as amber.

If we dedicate our lives in some way in service to the world – this could be as doctors, nurses, healers, or teachers, in public service or community service or in an industry that aims to raise the wellbeing of people or the planet – we may be fortunate to have an ascended master willing to work with us – our Over-Lighting Master.

As described in the forthcoming book that I’m channelling Velocity Ascension, Source describes how to work with Ascended Masters and angels to raise our own vibrations towards the seventh dimension.  Source also elaborates through visualisations how we can connect with our Over-Lighting Master.

Angel orbs and their purpose are also explained in the book as well as how to capture your own angel orbs on digital camera. Angel orbs are essentially the light energy of angels and ascended masters. At the beginning of this post is a photograph of me with the angel orb of my over-lighting master, the Prophet Mohammed, vibrating above me and in the second photograph, a close up of his same angel orb. In Prophet Mohammed’s own words for this post, “I am delighted to be captured on camera and would encourage all of you reading this post to experiment wtih calling me and my fellow ascended masters and angels into your photos. We are here waiting to work with you, just call us.”

It’s a beautiful orange tinged orb like a blazing sun. Each Master has a quality that they particularly resonate with and Prophet Mohammed’s is that of wisdom. He is direct and no nonsense when he speaks to me, but like all Ascended masters I’ve met, emanates unconditional love. He provides a message to the world in Velocity Ascension along with a number of other Masters that have contacted me to contribute to the book. In the celestial world it’s called Source’s Manual as it’s a step by step guide from Source on how we can raise our vibrations at velocity speed and in so doing bring in the Golden Age. In a nutshell it’s Source’s direct word for the twenty first century.

I’ll be adding more photos of orbs in this blog over time, so do subscribe to see what’s new. I would also love to see examples of your own angel orb photographs. Please do let me know about your photos, and share your thoughts via the comments box below.

About Helena Mahatey
Author of the channelled book Velocity Ascension, coming later in 2012

Helena Mahatey is an experienced international development professional. Trained as an environmental economist, until recently she was a senior advisor to the British government’s international aid programme in climate change and the environment. For the past 15 years she has provided advice, designed and managed programmes of activities that improve the welfare of the poorest in the world. She is clairaudient, a teacher of the Angel Connection School, and is currently channelling Velocity Ascension, a book from Source. She divides her time between South Africa, where she is based with her family, and Cornwall, UK.

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  1. Pamela Young  April 22, 2013

    Dear Helena
    I am extremely interested in your book. I have written an autobiography “Me and Mary’s Miracles” and I have seen angle orbs. I will be looking forward to when your book is ready.
    Kind regards
    Pamela Young

    • Helena Mahatey  January 4, 2014

      Dear Pamela,

      Thank you for sharing your comment and letting me know about your book. It looks truly inspirational. I look forward to staying connected and thank you for your support it’s really encouraging. I hope 2014 will be nurturing and empowering for you. Love Helena x

  2. guru  May 3, 2013

    Just 2 gud. Wld appreciate ur guidance

    • Helena Mahatey  January 4, 2014

      Thank you for your comment. I find orbs inspirational! Really looking forward to connecting more with you as I get back into the driving seat in 2014. Sending some warm South African sunshine to wherever you are! All the best, Helena xxx

  3. Anders  November 2, 2013

    Thank you

    • Helena Mahatey  January 4, 2014

      Thank you for dropping me a line Anders – much appreciated. Helena


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